Job in USA, Study in England
Do you want to go to the USA / GB / CDN / AUS to work or study?

You had better stop deluding yourself.
Mass of people with Intermediate and Advanced exam embarrassingly fail in native environments.

Why? – Boarding off the plane and not only is he not able to take up a job, but gets stranded in basic situations for several months. Until then they are nuts.

Why? - Specifically, no matter what exam they have, they will not understand what they are told. Because the native English Speech Speed and Pronunciation is Completely Different than what you have learned for ages in Hungary.

Only one method exists in our country, by which you will master  1) authentic native pronunciation and speech tempo 2) for deadline 3) cost-effectively: this is English-EVO.

With this method you will be able to take up an executive job abroad as well - because you will easily understand the "machine gun tongue" native speech, and you will make yourself understood because you will speak Native English fluently. (not the "Hungarian" English)

Have you studied at several language schools or private teachers and you are still stuck?
But you have rock solidly made up your mind: USA / GB / CDN / AUS work or study?
English-EVO is your way.

Contact us today.

Starksil Consulting Goup – Acta Non Verba

Our Objectives

Our direct goal is to facilitate your company should rise up in its specific industry whilst your competitors do lag behind. Our further goal is to facilitate you should continually increase the your annual turnover and profit, and you should obtain and keep the good clients and employee.

Our indirect goal is to improve the base of the general Hungarian business culture and environment to the sample of developed countries.

Those small-scale, middle-scale and large-scale companies shall make significant market advantage which beside their capital power, decently – honestly – correctly behave and act with their business partners, clients, employees.

Only in case shall our little country be able to show progressive development, if more and more companies – starting from the good example: “it can be done this way too” – adapt and build in their daily activities those practical view and action-samples, which undoubtedly enable them to realize significant market revenue and competitive advantage. It is a great joy to belong to such corporations as employees and delightful to do business with as business partners and clients.

Do you have an average consultant or a real mentor?

We have the following factors at our disposal in order to deliver the best to you:

  • Skills
  • Experiences
  • Information transmission and disclosure abilities
  • Manager motivating power as partners
  • And we take the responsibility for our activity

However, two levels have still remained. The uniqueness of Starksil Consulting Group is quite clear from the first row as such.  The further two levels are the ones, due to which we are being chosen more and more.

  • Practically existing small-, middle- and large-scale company management experience
  • Empathizing and identifying ability in and with top manager decisions

Owing to these, we deliver such personal training and preparation, which are 100% adaptable to your status quo. Furthermore during our personal meeting, recognizing your specific situation and balancing each background circumstances in no time, we are able to give you customized, laser precise decision alternatives. Only by this can you get the indispensably important, huge cost-, time- and futile route-saving help which does mean quarter, half a year uncatchable competitive advantage and several hundred percent revenue increment to you. Without these you have an average consultant, not a real mentor.

Do not forget: Both an average business leader and the highest profit making business leader have a consultant. But they are not the same. Choose it carefully to whom you entrust the future of your company.

Starksil Consulting Group – Acta Non Verba

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